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Software development process, provided by HRACAN with regard to the development of high technologies.

Who we are

HRACA IT Solutions is a leading-edge, Canada based technology company serving clients with systems integration, consultancy and full turnkey solutions for their IT requirements. Driven by a group of young professionals in delivering Business Software solutions, HRACAN IT Solutions responds to the evolving IT and business needs of its clients.

HRACAN IT Solutions mission is to deliver leading edge technology solutions to help Small, Medium & Large Businesses manage and grow their business revenues and profits.
HRACAN IT Solutions is committed to provide dynamic customised solutions to various IT technology challenges of small, medium and large enterprises.

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The Technology Platforms We Use

As an IT firm, we take the perspectives of our clients and their diverse claims in software development. To help you achieve your goals, we enhance our capacities by working with various programming languages, platforms, and new technologies.


For the efficient allocation of time and material resources, as well as for providing the most transparent conditions for cooperation, HRACAN performs software development planning, including the following steps:

  1. Determination of the general concept of the project with regard to the wishes of the customer, complexity and purpose of the software;
  2. Determination of the intermediate stages of development;
  3. Calculation of the required material and time resources;
  4. Choosing methodology of application development;
  5. Determination of the frequency and form of project reports;
  6. Determination of possible risks associated with the software development and ways to minimize them.
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